Certified Trageschule Babywearing Consultant…what’s that?

10 Aprile 2017

Another piece of paper?

Clicca qui per la versione italiana – Certified Trageschule Babywearing Consultant… che cosa sarà mai?

I have recently come back from my “Trageschule® Uk” certification and many people got curious; they have asked me why I decided to attend this course too.

Not to get another piece of paper, of course. I have been working with families for more than ten years as a pediatric nurse, then educator and lastly as a babywearing Consultant.

I began my experience at Scuola del Portare® in 2012 and, thanks to this course, I have found out that babywearing is far more than a passion with the passing of time.

Babywering is my niche, my way of life. In fact, when I work with mothers and fathers, I have the chance to offer them my expertise and support so that the (existing from prenatal life),  bond between parent and child, can be recognised, enhanced and preserved. That bond is built from the very first moments they share, that relationship will be the base of evey other relationship.

I have proudly worked with many families and supported different Consultants during their training, I have got in touch and created a network with many experts and professionals.

Was that really necessary?

I think I am an ever evolving person, I see my job as an ongoing training both for contents and especially for me as a person. The course at “Die Trageschule”® falls within this continuous research. I have chosen to train at this School too in order to have further chances to grow and debate.

Is anything going to change?

The change is basically very subtle because I am going to support families as I did before. I will surely do my job with new instruments and a stronger motivation.

This course has let me appreciate the peculiar features of these Schools,  spot the differences,  complete the knowledge and competence, gain experience.

I found different approaches with a single unique objective: the weel-being of families.

The Italian “Scuola del Portare”® has a unique approach, a psychological, anthropological and some kind of spiritual slant. These peculiar features are coming from Antonella Gennatiempo who has always paid close attention to the individual and prenatal life. “Die Trageschule”® has a very long story, its founder (I was pleased to meet her in Dresden and Stockholm) is Ulrike Höwer, a pioneer of babywearing in Gemany. She has been one of the first to develop training for Consultants researching a new, at that time unexplored, world.

Is it necessary to attend a school, or even two, to do this?

I think my job is not just teaching techniques, teaching how to wrap better with a sling and how to successfully breastfeed a newborn. My job is not this kind of job and I do not want it to become like this! My job is partially done trasmitting the knowledge and instruments but it is especially done by the chance to support other people to let the hidden competences emerge to go better through the different experiences. To suceed one has to be able to observe, embrace, listen, be empathetic…also to oneself! The people who met me know how dynamic and curious I am, they know I love giving myself a challenge looking for new incentives to improve.

I deeply believe that everybody is ever evolving and I experience this personally.

I surely feel really elevated from this experience but I am still and always on my way thinking that the best is yet to come!

But Virna, how do you manage it?

I have no superpower! I just live and work very enthusiastically and the urge to move is very strong.

This has been a very hard and demanding course but I feel happy, satisfied and very excited. Maybe my energy comes from these feelings, from the need and the will of improvement!

I take energy from the people I meet. from all of the people who choose me as a professional to walk together for a while. My energy comes from the smile of the parents and children I meet, from the deep sensations I experience every day.

Now I would like to thank you!

At the moment I am going through an intense emotion of gratitude and I would like to thank all the people who, more or less intentionally, supported me to come here! You know who you are!

In particular I would like to thank my family, my husband Diego and my children Pietro and Davide who support all of my initiatives with love and patience. My brother Marco who took thousands of pictures of me to get ready for the exams. Deborah Asnaghi, patient and professional. who gave me proper instruments to improve my linguistic competences. I would like to thank two very wise women too: Cristina Rigamonti and Carmen Soru, I want to thank them for being here through the years and for taking care of that small seed bashfully germinating into a great sun.

Last but not least, I would like to infinitely thank my trainer, Olga Nguyen. She has brought her big experience as non violent communication trainer to the “Die Trageschule”® courses. I thank her because she has been able to inspire me, give me wise indications to be used during my everyday worklife. Olga will always echo inside me not only with her “chest out”. “gather, gather, gather”, “shuffle, shuffle, shuffle”, but especially because she is a wonderful person who gave me knowledge with unconditional passion.

And now….let’s hit the road! See you soon!

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